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Patellofemoral Knee Brace

Patellofemoral Knee Brace

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When you’re driving a car ( in the city that is), there’s bound to be a lot of wear and tear—starting and stopping the car a hundred times at traffic lights, braking and accelerating to sync with those on the road(especially during traffic jams), jumping in and out of potholes- all of which takes its toll. So why wouldn’t your patella (knee cap) suffer wear and tear after your knees are used and overused over time?

The medical fraternity chooses to call this frontal knee pain as Patellofemoral pain. In most cases where people complain of such pain, there is no damage to the knee joint as such and treatment is often in the form of leg strengthening exercises, rest and a Patellofemoral brace.

These braces, made of neoprene, normally have a lot of straps and pads to ensure that the patella remains in place. The pads are so aligned that they push the patella in the inward direction and keep it intact. Some Patellofemoral braces come with hinges that provide additional support. Having said that, it has to be ensured that these braces afford a correct fit, otherwise they would nullify the purpose for which they are being used.

The Patellofemoral brace helps you to not only walk but also be pretty active. Used in conjunction with other knee rehabilitation program, these play an important role in treating Patellofemoral pain. Studies show that these braces can actually help in certain types of knee osteoarthritis, where there is a breakdown in the joint cartilage between the kneecap and thigh bone (femur), leading to overgrowth of bones, weakening of muscles and tendons, causing swelling and pain that limits movement.

The Patellofemoral brace has been specifically designed to help by supporting the joints, maintaining the alignment and lowering the knee pain. In fact, they appear to have become very popular because of the easy availability, wide use and affordability.

Even though these braces do seem to have many advantages, they appear to have some drawbacks. The brace material could cause a lot of sweating inside that can irritate the skin and also they are considered pretty cumbersome to wear. Many studies have shown that these braces have not been as effective as made out to be. However, you must remember that they should be used with other rehabilitation programs like strength training and flexibility.

Hely Weber and Bauerfeind knee braces are expected to help the 2.5 million runners who annually suffer from Patellofemoral pain. They incorporate new, breathable compression fabrics that give anatomic support wherever actually needed, it may well pave the way for a newer way to tackle Patellofemoral pain.



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