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Posted by Administrator on 10/29/2014

New York, New York: The New York City marathon grew from a small Central Park race to the world's biggest and most popular marathon. The 44th annual race will take place on Sunday November 2 2014 and challenge every athlete city wide. Read on to learn the top ten tips to help finish the crossing line.

Proper training is essential especially for individuals who are not avid runners or joggers, and do not run at least four times per week, they should instead start planning for the 2015 marathon. In order to be successful in this marathon, it is important to note that the track is quite long, and runners need to be physically and mentally prepared. For advanced runners, with realistic training plans, the marathon should be a breeze. For more information on marathon training, here are some helpful guides: Conservative Guide | Moderate Guide  | Advanced Guide

Taking proper care of feet and ensuring shoes and socks are up to standards is an essential key to marathon success. Individuals should have a reliable pair of running shoes, and high quality socks to properly fit the foot structure. The shoes should be well worn in and not brand new, to ensure they will provide the maximum level of comfort. The socks are also essential and should be comfortable, and moisture wicking to prevent the feet from becoming sweaty. For more information about proper running socks, here is a helpful website: Compression Socks

Individuals with weak knees or ankles will experience joint pain during the marathon. Investing in a good quality brace for the problematic body part is an effective method for preventing this pain. The brace should be worn for several weeks prior to the marathon to ensure maximum comfort. Running causes friction throughout the body and excessive running can cause inflammation and a lot of pain. Braces and compression sleeves are handy for joint support. For more information on sleeves and braces, here are some helpful websites: Knee Compression Sleeve | Knee Sleeves | Knee Brace

Marathon runners benefit from wearing comfortable, proper fitting, moisture wicking clothing. Similar to shoes, individuals should avoid wearing anything that is brand new and has not been properly worn in. This allows the fabric to properly stretch out for each body type and ensures a better fit. It is important to think ahead of time, and ensure all clothing as the needed requirements such as pockets. Most individuals require some form of available pocket space as they will have their personal items on them during the race. Fore more information on proper fitting gear, here are some helpful websites: Moisture Wicking Shirts | Marathon Belts

Hydration is a key factor while running marathons or participating in strenuous activity. Runners need to ensure they have plenty of water, enough to cover the entire marathon. Although there are available water stations throughout the track, runners should have easy access to water at hand. However, individuals should note that carrying too much water can cause some harm when it comes to weight.

New York City is subject to a variety of climates and the weather can be unreliable. It is important for runners to verify the weather in advance, to ensure they're gear is well suited. Pocket ponchos are a good idea, as they are weather proof, and quite small, allowing runners to easily carry them during the marathon. The sun is also an important factor, and runners should have plenty of sunscreen with a strong SPF.

Experienced runners know that while running a marathon, they will experience a lot of sweat and chafing. Individuals should be prepared for this and take the proper measures to ensure a comfortable race. Anti chafing balm is an effective method to reduce uncomfortable chafing and is considered a must have for all runners.

The New York City marathon takes approximately four hours for the majority of people. This means that most runners will require an energy boost along the way. Energy gel packs are very handy for these situations as they are lightweight, compact, and can be easily squeezed into the mouth without breaking a stride. For more information on energy gel packs, here is a helpful website: Energy Gel Packs

While running a marathon, it is normal for runners to experience a significant body temperature rise. Although the New York City marathon is in November, runners will still become quite hot. Individuals should avoid wearing heavy clothing, but should still wear enough clothing that they can properly layer. That way, runners have the option of removing or adding clothing items depending on their comfort levels. This avoids body overheating and any further health complications.

One of the most effective marathon running techniques is to run with another person. Having a running buddy will encourage, motivate, and help individuals throughout the training process and the actual marathon. The most effective way to meet any goal is to ensure proper planning techniques. By following the above tips, runners should be well prepared to cross the finish line during the New York City marathon on Sunday November 2 2014. aims to provide runners with the effective information and resources required for running this marathon. The online store carries many essential, affordable knee braces, and leading orthopaedic braces.

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