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NoSwet® Knapp™ Hinged Knee Brace - Anterior Closure

NoSwet® Knapp™ Hinged Knee Brace - Anterior Closure

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NoSwet® Knapp™ Hinged Knee Orthosis - Anterior Closure (7656, 7656HH, 7656ROM, 7658, 7658HH, 7658ROM)

  • NoSwet® non-neoprene construction
  • 2 Lengths effectively handle multiple instability diagnoses
  • 3 Hinge styles increase customization
  • Hinges are fully covered for sports activity, yet easily accessible
  • Elasticized band in thigh strap ensures comfort
  • Ideal for pre/post-operative care of MCL/LCL and meniscal repairs
  • Longer length can be used for mild to moderate ACL/PCL sprains & strains and as an adjunct to patella fracture
  • Hinges are offset in the center to reduce condyle irritation
  • NoSwet® condyle pads provide protection and comfort and reduce chaffing
  • Easy to apply anterior closure

Order No. Description / Options
7656 NoSwet® Knapp™ -12” Length, Standard Hinges 
7656HH NoSwet® Knapp™ -12” Length, Heavy Hinges 
7656ROM NoSwet® Knapp™ -12” Length, ROM Hinges 
7658 NoSwet® Knapp™ -16” Length, Standard Hinges 
7658HH NoSwet® Knapp™ -16” Length, Heavy Hinges 
7658ROM NoSwet® Knapp™ -16” Length, ROM Hinges

PDAC Determined L1832(ROM Hinged Braces) 
PDAC Determined L1820 (Standard and Heavy Hinged Braces)

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Dr. Knapp

Thomas P. Knapp, M.D.
Developed in collaboration
with Dr. Knapp, Santa Monica
Orthopaedic and Sports
Medicine Group, Santa
Monica, CA

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